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complete medical billing solutions


We offer the physician billing expertise and services of our dedicated staff so you can focus on your patients.

Efficiency is important.
We provide personal attention to every full service account. Your account will be assigned a personal manager to coordinate your billing, answer questions and communicate with you and your team. We get to know the nuances of your practice. At the same time, we can leverage the experience we've gained from billing for other medical practices of your specialty.

Quick reimbursements.
In most cases, our physician billing clients are reimbursed within 35 days. In fact, many of our clients have fewer than 30 days of accounts receivable on their books. We work toward the highest level of payment for procedures as well as a healthier cash flow.

Complete compliance.
We're experts on medical billing rules and regulations, so your staff doesn't have to be. We take compliance very seriously for your benefit, as well as ours. Via audits and communications we monitor billing patterns and notify you if any corrective action may be necessary.

We do it all for you.
Our standard revenue cycle management service package includes all of the following:

  • Review and advise you on your coding structure to maximize reimbursement
  • Posting of all patient charges, payments, and adjustments
  • Submit electronic claims to most commercial carriers
  • Generate and mail all paper claims Resolve all billing inquiries from patients and insurers
  • Assume costs relating to billing, including postage and correspondence
  • Generate end-of-month management reports
  • Generate and mail patient statements for all open accounts
  • Provide follow-up for all "slow payment" patients, insurer denials, claims research and resubmissions
  • Generate and mail collection letters and follow-up with past due accounts

We're results-driven.
That means our fee is based on net collections, not the time, effort or energy we invest in your account. Our expert billing staff focuses exclusively on claims reimbursements. So you'll enjoy the lowest possible receivables days - typically 25-35 days.

Persistence pays.
Uninterrupted, dependable billing that pays for itself. And behind it, the most dedicated, persistent professionals anywhere. We can deliver it without burdening your staff, freeing them to focus on the needs of your practice. And that's the biggest pay-off of all.

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